MySnookerStats Membership is changing

Premium membership statistics

To secure the future of MySnookerStats, while continuing to offer our scoring apps free of charge (and free of adverts), we’re changing the membership structure on the site, which means the free tier of membership will end on 30th April 2016.

Full membership is just £9.99 for a whole year’s access to all the information about your game. We will keep your stats (and you can continue to upload your matches), and they will be ready for you to view as soon as you upgrade.

To encourage you to act now, we’re offering a World Championship 2016 special: Upgrade before the end of April and get 13 months for the price of 12.

Hit your My Stats Home page to find your Premium upgrade link.

Personal bests

Once you’ve used MySnookerStats to track your snooker performance for a while, you’ll know there’s no hiding from the truth about how good you are.

We all have good days and bad days. Snooker is one of the toughest games in the world when it doesn’t seem to be happening for you – sometimes there seems to be nothing you can do to produce anything like your best.

We get that.

Sometimes, it’s nice just to take stock, reflect on the best times and remind yourself: you’ve played well before and if you keep working hard, you will play well again.

That new high break, that first victory against a rival, or your new highest rating is achievable.

So, for our Premium subscribers, we’ve built the my-personal-bests page. Check it out the next time your spirit needs lifting! :-)

Improving your experience

We want you to enjoy checking your snooker stats on this website, which is why we’re in the process of redesigning all our pages to give you the best possible experience whether you’re using your mobile, tablet or a desktop computer.

We won’t always be able to tell you you’re playing well, but we can do better at presenting the truth to you!

This will be an ongoing process for some time, because there are many custom pages of statistics, especially for our Premium users, which require very careful crafting to fit on smaller screens.

If you do come across a mistake in the new pages or have any trouble viewing them, please don’t be shy about getting in touch.

MySnookerStats Coming Soon for iOS 8

UPDATE: New iOS version is now available

Let’s start with the bad news. Apple’s recent update to iOS 8 has left MySnookerStats users out in the cold.

iOS 8 has somehow managed to break the Menu screen, which no longer shows up when you summon it, preventing users from ending frames, conceding, re-racking, or even ending and uploading matches – all pretty fundamental to a good snooker experience.

We’ve started on a significant overhaul of our existing app project code, all of which is required to catch up with the pace of change in how Apple likes to see things done.

We’ll take the opportunity to finally get rid of the letter-boxing on iPhone 5 models and put the extra space to better use. We’ll still be relying on Apple’s automatic scaling to get the screens right for the new big iPhones 6 and 6 Plus, because the budget won’t stretch to those – even if the GUI has to… :-)

Best estimate at the moment is that we’ll have the new version of the app in the App Store for download before the end of October. Updates will be posted on Twitter and Facebook so please follow or like us to receive those.

Meanwhile, why not dig out your old device or find an Android friend to play against?

Sorry once again for the inconvenience caused.


Improving Snooker Stats

We’ve been doing a huge amount of work recently to modernize our site and hopefully give it a cleaner look into the bargain. We hope you’re all enjoying the fruits of that labour. Phase one of this process (codename: “move to WordPress”) is now complete, so please alert us if you notice anything on the site that’s not working the way you’d expect it to.

Phase two is some behind-the-scenes database work to prepare for the new season of MySnookerStats Tournaments. We’re making it even easier for tournament directors to bring their competitions to life on our pages (and theirs), and we believe this will help build up excitement and participation for the host clubs and organizations. There’ll be much more to say on this at a later date!

Once we’re through all that, phase three will be to deliver the next-generation versions of our apps. Obviously, we’ll be maintaining our 100% commitment to keep the apps from intruding on the game itself – we’re here only to add to your snooker experience, not get in the way of it – but there are some things we can do better, and we’re looking forward to getting these improvements out to you all.

As always, we’re only an email, a tweet, or a facebook post away from discussing your thoughts or ideas for improvements, so please let us know what’s on your mind.

If you’re new to this site, find out why you should be giving us a test drive.

New Snooker Diary Feature

We’ve introduced another new feature, which we hope will help all our Premium users to improve their snooker. You can now add notes and observations on each of your matches in your My Home page. Over time, this collection of notes will build up into a revealing Snooker Diary which you can regularly refer back to and learn from. Continue reading

Problems with the signup email?

A number of you have now got in touch saying that you never received a confirmation email when you completed the signup process on the site. These occasional failures to send emails have gone undetected for far too long, even after we thought we’d rectified the problem a month ago. We believe that the problem is now definitively sorted (as of December 8th 2011).

For those of you who never received your passcode, we hope you will make use of a new feature we’ve enabled to help out. When you log in, visit the My Account page where you can request an immediate passcode reminder. This should also help all our subscribers when they upgrade their phones too (or perhaps get themselves an iPad for Christmas!).

When you click the button, we’ll send you an email immediately. If it doesn’t arrive within a few minutes, please don’t be shy about telling us, because this part of the system simply has to work as reliably as the rest.

“My Pages” revamp continues

We’re in the process of revamping the whole of the “My Pages” section of the website, taking into account various bits of feedback that you’ve supplied. There’s lots more to come and we welcome further thoughts from you all. As a long-awaited feature, on the “My League” page, you can now see head-to-head records between all the other players in your current group. Being nosy has never been so much fun!

How does our site look in your browser? We’ve abandoned support for IE 6 (as have Microsoft at long last) and we recommend that you go modern too and choose from either the latest Firefox or Google Chrome to see your stats in the best possible light.