Improving Snooker Stats

We’ve been doing a huge amount of work recently to modernize our site and hopefully give it a cleaner look into the bargain. We hope you’re all enjoying the fruits of that labour. Phase one of this process (codename: “move to WordPress”) is now complete, so please alert us if you notice anything on the site that’s not working the way you’d expect it to.

Phase two is some behind-the-scenes database work to prepare for the new season of MySnookerStats Tournaments. We’re making it even easier for tournament directors to bring their competitions to life on our pages (and theirs), and we believe this will help build up excitement and participation for the host clubs and organizations. There’ll be much more to say on this at a later date!

Once we’re through all that, phase three will be to deliver the next-generation versions of our apps. Obviously, we’ll be maintaining our 100% commitment to keep the apps from intruding on the game itself – we’re here only to add to your snooker experience, not get in the way of it – but there are some things we can do better, and we’re looking forward to getting these improvements out to you all.

As always, we’re only an email, a tweet, or a facebook post away from discussing your thoughts or ideas for improvements, so please let us know what’s on your mind.

If you’re new to this site, find out why you should be giving us a test drive.

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