New: The Big Ranking List

We’ve ranked all our players on their past and present efforts and you can now find out where you stand.

To put yourself on the public list, just click the button at the top of the My Ranking page to agree to make your summary stats public. (If you don’t want to appear, we’ll respect your privacy and your entry on the list will remain anonymous. You can email us if you’d prefer to change your username first – it’s up to you!)

Note that we occasionally record and upload stats from professional or other tournament matches, which we reasonably deem to be in the public domain, so you’ll recognize some leading lights from the world of snooker up at the top of our all-time list.

“Isn’t this list open to abuse?” you ask. Well, yes – if you want to upload ‘matches’ where you apparently make centuries in every frame, there’s nothing we can do to stop you (initially). But we reserve the right to remove you from the lists and even restrict your account if you are too obvious about it!

(We’ll probably keep an eye on those of you who only choose to upload your very best matches too… ;))

However, you don’t have to worry about someone trying to spoil your reputation by uploading a match that says you’re no good, because, of course, you get to confirm all the matches which make up your rating.

And in the future, we’ll be building up a separate, ratified ranking list based on players’ performances in MySnookerStats Tournaments, a product which we will be expanding and offering to all the forward-thinking snooker organizations of the world, so that no one can pull the wool over anyone’s eyes! We’ll tell you much more about MySnookerStats Tournaments in due course.

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