Problems with the signup email?

A number of you have now got in touch saying that you never received a confirmation email when you completed the signup process on the site. These occasional failures to send emails have gone undetected for far too long, even after we thought we’d rectified the problem a month ago. We believe that the problem is now definitively sorted (as of December 8th 2011).

For those of you who never received your passcode, we hope you will make use of a new feature we’ve enabled to help out. When you log in, visit the My Account page where you can request an immediate passcode reminder. This should also help all our subscribers when they upgrade their phones too (or perhaps get themselves an iPad for Christmas!).

When you click the button, we’ll send you an email immediately. If it doesn’t arrive within a few minutes, please don’t be shy about telling us, because this part of the system simply has to work as reliably as the rest.

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