MySnookerStats Coming Soon for iOS 8

UPDATE: New iOS version is now available

Let’s start with the bad news. Apple’s recent update to iOS 8 has left MySnookerStats users out in the cold.

iOS 8 has somehow managed to break the Menu screen, which no longer shows up when you summon it, preventing users from ending frames, conceding, re-racking, or even ending and uploading matches – all pretty fundamental to a good snooker experience.

We’ve started on a significant overhaul of our existing app project code, all of which is required to catch up with the pace of change in how Apple likes to see things done.

We’ll take the opportunity to finally get rid of the letter-boxing on iPhone 5 models and put the extra space to better use. We’ll still be relying on Apple’s automatic scaling to get the screens right for the new big iPhones 6 and 6 Plus, because the budget won’t stretch to those – even if the GUI has to… :-)

Best estimate at the moment is that we’ll have the new version of the app in the App Store for download before the end of October. Updates will be posted on Twitter and Facebook so please follow or like us to receive those.

Meanwhile, why not dig out your old device or find an Android friend to play against?

Sorry once again for the inconvenience caused.


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