Snooker Backer Classic 2013 – Leeds Qualifier 1

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I’m still buzzing after one of my fullest days out in a while. A 4am wake-up and the best part of four hours on the M1 brought me to the amazing venue that is the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds – and there will rarely be a snooker club welcome to match the one awaiting the day’s players (except at the other dates in this series, of course!). Continue reading

Baltic Elite Cup 2012

The weekend of August 18-19 saw the first running of a new invitational event featuring some of the top players in Lithuania and Latvia. This time out it was a relaxed occasion with players bringing along their families to watch and soak up the atmosphere.

The Residence.

Whilst not being an officially recognized tournament by the Lithuanian Billiard Federation, the organizer hopes to attract more sponsorship and a higher profile and more entrants for next year’s event.

It was also the first time that the MySnookerStats Tournament system had been deployed in the region and it was very well received by the players. The eight invitees played out a single frame round robin group stage with the final placings being determined by aggregate point difference where frame records were identical. The top four finishers qualified for the final stages, played on the Sunday.

Baltic Snooker – Past, Present and Future!

Thomas Puodžiūnas, two-time Lithuanian snooker Champion, produced the highest break of the day with a 60 and was joined in the knockout stages by Lithuanian 6 reds champion Mindaugas Maisiejus and former Latvian champions Sergey Sergeyev and Maris Volais. In the first semi-final Thomas Puodžiūnas led 1-0 and 2-1 before eventually succumbing 3-2 to Sergey Sergeyev, while Mindaugas Maisiejus triumphed 3-1 over Maris Volais.

Maisiejus then dominated the final, relatively cruising to a 5-1 win, securing both the trophy and his invitation to defend it at next year’s event.

Mindaugas Maisiejus claims the trophy.

You can see all the stats from the event over on our tournaments pages now.

Improving Snooker Stats

We’ve been doing a huge amount of work recently to modernize our site and hopefully give it a cleaner look into the bargain. We hope you’re all enjoying the fruits of that labour. Phase one of this process (codename: “move to WordPress”) is now complete, so please alert us if you notice anything on the site that’s not working the way you’d expect it to.

Phase two is some behind-the-scenes database work to prepare for the new season of MySnookerStats Tournaments. We’re making it even easier for tournament directors to bring their competitions to life on our pages (and theirs), and we believe this will help build up excitement and participation for the host clubs and organizations. There’ll be much more to say on this at a later date!

Once we’re through all that, phase three will be to deliver the next-generation versions of our apps. Obviously, we’ll be maintaining our 100% commitment to keep the apps from intruding on the game itself – we’re here only to add to your snooker experience, not get in the way of it – but there are some things we can do better, and we’re looking forward to getting these improvements out to you all.

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New Snooker Diary Feature

We’ve introduced another new feature, which we hope will help all our Premium users to improve their snooker. You can now add notes and observations on each of your matches in your My Home page. Over time, this collection of notes will build up into a revealing Snooker Diary which you can regularly refer back to and learn from. Continue reading

2012 United States National Snooker Championship

The final of the United States National Snooker Championship took place last night in the Embassy Billiards Club, San Gabriel, California. MySnookerStats was fortunate enough to have a reporter in the crowd. (The live streaming of the event was good too, but the nine hour time difference wouldn’t have done us any favours for today…) Continue reading

VIP Treatment at the Snooker Legends, Radlett Centre

I’m not sure whether it was the constant drip-drip of advertising by the Great Goggled One himself (our Dennis) during the World Championship commentary, or more likely just the discovery that there was a Legends event as nearby as Radlett, which is basically around the corner from where I live (give or take 20 miles) that enticed me to attend this encounter between two of the greatest exponents of the noble art of snooker to ever live. Or maybe it was just the fact that Michaela Tabb was on refereeing duty? I’m sure about one thing though: it wasn’t the prospect of another dazzling JV waistcoat… Continue reading

Introducing the Q Schoolers: Class of 2012

Playing in Q School? Want your talents introduced to the rest of the snooker world? Get on to our Facebook page and tell us a bit about yourselves. You can play it funny or straight, or even tell us stories about your opponents or rivals in the event – all snookery banter gratefully received and we can add you below. Meanwhile, here are a few profiles we made up earlier. If this was a reality TV show, this is the point at which they’d tell you that this list is in no particular order. Continue reading

Meet the Q Schoolers?

If you’re playing in Q School, we would love to introduce you and your talents to the rest of the snooker world. Let’s face it, three months from now, they’ll be hearing all about you, after you qualify through to the Main Tour. This is just a chance to pick up a few fans before the inevitable fame and fortune are foisted upon you! Continue reading