Meet the Q Schoolers?

If you’re playing in Q School, we would love to introduce you and your talents to the rest of the snooker world. Let’s face it, three months from now, they’ll be hearing all about you, after you qualify through to the Main Tour. This is just a chance to pick up a few fans before the inevitable fame and fortune are foisted upon you!

A while back, Team MySnookerStats competed in the SWSA Team Tournament and we introduced the players to you. If you’d like to be featured in a new article with a similar vibe, please get on to our Facebook page and wake it up a bit by telling us a little bit about yourselves. You can play it funny or straight, you can even tell us about your opponents or rivals in the event. A bit of good-natured banter never hurt anyone! You can even upload photos, as long as they are decent – for example, after some of the stories we heard of Alex Taubman during our last round of research, there are some pictures we would never wish to see.

We will sift through all the stories, insults and accusations and try to reproduce whatever printable material remains on this blog, thereby immortalizing you lucky people.

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