Get involved: Q School Snooker Stats

If you’re playing in the Q School 2012 and you want your match stats featured on our pages, in full technicolor, here’s what you need to do before the events begin:

  1. Sign up for your free account on our site
  2. Download our free iPhone app or Android app (or follow your emailed instructions for other phones)
  3. Register your app to your account so that you can upload matches (your individual UserID and passcode will be emailed to you when you sign up)
  4. Go into the app’s Settings page and choose Professional Mode so that all your stats are recorded.

Now for the hard bit: find a willing spectator who can record the whole of your match. You’ll need to find someone you can trust to tell the difference between a pot, a long pot and a safety shot, which might be harder than you’d imagine! (What’s a long pot?! Best to tell them that it’s any pot where the cue ball and object ball are more than about six feet apart…)

At the end of the match, choose Menu->End Match and click Upload to upload all the details straight into our database. Let us know when you’ve uploaded – tweet us or facebook us – and we’ll make sure you are included in our round-up. Who knows? Some of you could be entertaining us at venues like the Crucible in the future! Good luck!

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