The Knowledgeable Crowd

What makes The Crucible, home of the Snooker World Championships, special? Is it the venue, the closeness of the people to the players, the history?

Or is it the Knowledgeable Crowd – the intelligentsia of the snooker world. Those who cleverly applaud a well-thought out shot and provide delicate, enlightened applause when frame ball is potted. Only a hardened cynic would suggest these activities might be influenced by the fact that most people have headphones with commentary and can see TV screens with the scores.

Now, thanks to MySnookerStats, you can become part of the Knowledgeable Crowd™ from the comfort of your living room / office / snooker parlour.

To be accepted into this elite club you simply need to make sure you know your Reds Times Table. Print out a copy and put it on the wall by your bed or on the door of the fridge. Recite it every night before you go to sleep and in the morning as you munch through your cornflakes. When JV and DT call you out for praise and approval, you’ll be glad you put the work in.

The Reds Times Table


1 x = 35

2 x = 43

3 x = 51

4 x = 59

5 x = 67

6 x = 75

7 x = 83

8 x = 91

9 x = 99

10 x = 107

11 x = 115

12 x = 123

13 x = 131

14 x = 139

15 x = 147

Key points as the frame progresses

15 reds remaining

Just 36 shots remain for the 147. Time for an optimistic #147alert tweet. Don’t forget your excuses when reality sinks in and the pots don’t. Everyone loves a false alarm like this.

14 reds remaining

If you’re Ronnie, now’s a great time to ask the ref what the prize for a 147 is.

10 reds remaining

Last chance to make a century this frame. If you grew up playing on a six foot table in the dining room or garage, you’ll recognize 107 as the true maximum break.

3 reds remaining

Last chance for a half-century. You’ll need at least two blacks and a pink to do it. Don’t waste the opportunity, because the Great WT for one keeps track of how many frames we’ve had a fifty or more in…

Last red

It’s one final chance to make a 30+ if you’ve been struggling all frame. Meanwhile, JV says he always feels you need to be on 65 or more when you reach this stage in order to make the century. And now you know that the maths behind his assessment is flawless…

All the colours

Just these six colours separate you from glory. The only shot that can go wrong now is the position from brown to blue – just ask any commentator. Except the Great WT, who also knows that the next shot (blue to middle) has a habit of going awry.

Still on for a famous 147? Great! Nobody ever misses the final black.

Got it? Now please tell your friends. They need to know too.

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