On the Eve of a Classic

Well, there’s now just one day to go until the Snookerbacker Classic Finals 2013, when our new live scoring solution gets its first public airing. There’s bound to be the odd technical glitch on the day, because unlike the original scoring apps which were lovingly tested by me and pals over a period of many months each, I’ve built this on a much reduced timescale with this showcase event in mind. Let’s just hope the lost sleep was worth it, but I think you should be prepared to be dazzled. Well, just a little bit.

If you’re not familiar with the competition and its coveted prize (then where have you been?) you can find everything you need to know at Snookerbacker’s website. In particular, SB has interviewed each of the eight finalists to get their take on what this tournament means and the springboard it could give them in their snooker careers. Unlike your typical post-football interview (“So, do you think the second leg could go either way?” “Yes, it could go either way”), you’ll learn far more about what’s going on inside their heads right now! Essential reading.

As for me, the only downside to the day is that I will be spending all day in the fabulous Northern Snooker Centre without any time to play a few frames myself, calling to mind the Ancient Mariner’s “Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink”. I presume he was a frustrated snooker player too…

If you’re following along with the scoring using a lovely modern desktop browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome, then I recommend you consider the F11 key your new best friend. This will expand the window to give you a perfect dual match view with the added benefit of removing all that distracting office work stuff, which might otherwise allow your mind to wander from the important events we’re relaying to you.

Finally, if you’re getting in touch throughout the day on twitter, facebook or email, I’m afraid my response time won’t be so brisk: my day starts early with a 3 hour drive up to Leeds with the return immediately after the post-tournament celebratory curry. I guess if this system impresses enough people, I might struggle to keep up with the buzz it generates anyway. I’ll have to ask SB if that’s the price of success! :-)

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