Worldwide iPhone App Reviews

Glad to say we’re getting a positive reaction wherever our iPhone app is downloaded around the world, despite not having any translations of it available. Here’s a selection which just goes to show that (i) the iPhone is ubiquitous, (ii) snooker really is starting to reach the parts it never used to reach, and (iii) it’s a bloomin’ great app!


What an app !!! – ★★★★★ by Neil147

There is only one word which can be used to describe this app…. FANTASTIC !!! I’ve always been a little sceptical about some of the Snooker apps, but this does exactly what it says and it does it very well. I used it the other evening to record a few frames in a snooker match I was playing in. It’s amazing what it reveals about your game. This will certainly be getting a workout from me in the future !!


A must-have app for any snooker player! – ★★★★★ by McGeiger

A great app! I’ve hesitated to use any snooker app before, as I’ve feared it would be a distraction to the game. But this is so easy to use that now I don’t play without it! A great way to track your progress as a player, and to share the game stats with your mates. Works like a charm, still can’t believe it’s free!

Hong Kong

Snooker players must have it – ★★★★★ by 鯉蟻鵝

It is great and easy to use for scorer. Work with the Web, I can also know my history, weakness, improvement.


Отличная программа!!! – ★★★★★ by alexoxol

Программа просто суперская! Всем советую! Особенно классно сделан аплоад матчей на сайт. Молодцы!

(Google translates this as “Excellent program! The program simply super! I advise everyone! Especially fun is made apload games on the site. Well done!” Perhaps the translation is not the best advert for Google’s translation services, but that review is certainly fine by us…)


Muy bien – ★★★★★ by luisqs

Esta bien cumple bien su función.

(Google: “Very good. It fulfills this function well.”)


Great App – ★★★★★ by ejchapman

Great and easy to use app to keep track of scoring, and provides you with great statistics to keep track of your game. If you’re a statistics buff like I am, you’ll love it. And it’s great for comparing your own stats with your friends. Download now if you want to get more out of a game of snooker!

Finally, a big thank you to all those of you who take the time to review the app, and who help spread the word by showing it off to their friends. Android users, we assure you: it will be worth the wait!

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