The World Open

There’s just no stopping Robertson. He’s really made a step up in the last season and there can be no arguments about his record in finals – that’s a stunning six out of six. They know a thing or two about winning, these Aussies…

He dispatched O’Sullivan with a minimum of fuss to claim this prize and to round off a tournament that has really been a breath of fresh air for the snooker-watching world. Let’s hope the Beeb realise that they’ve hit on a winning format because I think it’s been an absolute treat: short matches, tension, all on one table, and plenty of ranking points at stake – what a recipe.

This was also the first time that a tournament I entered has been televised in its final stages! It’s just a shame for me that I also exited it at the same preliminary stage I entered – getting a thumping from promising England youngster Jordan Rimmer at the brand new South West Snooker Academy in Gloucester. Despite the brevity of my match, it was clear that the facilities are top draw, and I’d be interested in a return trip to get some coaching and a bit of practice at some point.

And in another first, Tony Drago entertained us by losing control of his sausage roll in the canteen. I’m pretty sure they don’t normally get away from him… ;-) Only kidding, Tony – I hope you don’t mind!

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