Snooker Tournament

World Disability Billiards and Snooker

Northern Classic 2019 (Groups 1&2)

Hazel Grove Snooker Club 2019-02-10

The Players

Aslam Abubaker

Daniel Lee

Gavin Gormley

Glyn Lloyd

Shahab Siddiqui

Tony Southern

Group stages

Match 1Tony Southern 150712 – 315435 Daniel LeeGROUP
Match 2Daniel Lee 154353 – 115159 Shahab SiddiquiGROUP
Match 3Shahab Siddiqui 151593 – 015071 Tony SouthernGROUP

Group A standings

Daniel Lee22063
Shahab Siddiqui21143
Tony Southern20226
Match 4Glyn Lloyd 146031 – 314602 Gavin GormleyGROUP
Match 5Gavin Gormley 146020 – 315648 Aslam AbubakerGROUP
Match 6Aslam Abubaker 156483 – 014603 Glyn LloydGROUP

Group B standings

Aslam Abubaker22060
Gavin Gormley21134
Glyn Lloyd20216

Order of Play

Match 7Aslam Abubaker 156480 – 315435 Daniel Lee
Break: 41, 35, 33

The Draw

Daniel Lee
Aslam Abubaker 0
Daniel Lee 3

Top Breaks

Daniel Lee41 
Daniel Lee35 
Daniel Lee33 

More of Today’s High Breaks…

Daniel Lee41 
Daniel Lee35 
Daniel Lee33 

Today’s Ratings

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