Snooker Tournament

World Disability Billiards and Snooker

Parris Cues Champion of Champions (Group 8)

SWSA Gloucester 2018-10-20 to 2018-10-21

The Players

Blake Munton

Lewis Knowles

Richard Gott

Shabir Ahmed

Group stages

Match 1Shabir Ahmed 153154 – 015311 Blake MuntonGROUP
Match 2Lewis Knowles 148164 – 214815 Richard GottGROUP
Match 3Shabir Ahmed 153152 – 414816 Lewis KnowlesGROUP
Match 4Blake Munton 153112 – 414815 Richard GottGROUP
Match 5Shabir Ahmed 15315
Break: 43
4 – 014815 Richard GottGROUP
Match 6Blake Munton 153111 – 414816 Lewis KnowlesGROUP

Group standings

Lewis Knowles330125
Shabir Ahmed321104
Richard Gott312610
Blake Munton303312

Order of Play

Match 7Lewis Knowles 148165 – 415315 Shabir AhmedF

The Draw

Lewis Knowles
Lewis Knowles 5
Shabir Ahmed 4

Top Breaks

Shabir Ahmed43 

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Shabir Ahmed43 

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