Snooker Tournament

World Disability Billiards and Snooker

Parris Cues Champion of Champions (Group 3)

SWSA Gloucester 2018-10-20 to 2018-10-21

The Players

Andrew Harper

Daniel Blunn

Nigel Coton

William Thomson.

Group stages

Match 1Daniel Blunn 146043 – 014593 Nigel CotonGROUP
Match 2William Thomson. 16060
Break: 36
3 – 014596 Andrew HarperGROUP
Match 3Daniel Blunn 146043 – 016060 William Thomson.GROUP
Match 4Nigel Coton 145933 – 014596 Andrew HarperGROUP
Match 5Daniel Blunn 14604
Break: 40
3 – 214596 Andrew Harper
Break: 42
Match 6Nigel Coton 145930 – 316060 William Thomson.GROUP

Group standings

Daniel Blunn33092
William Thomson.32163
Nigel Coton31236
Andrew Harper30329

Order of Play

Match 7Daniel Blunn 146044 – 216060 William Thomson.F

The Draw

Daniel Blunn
Daniel Blunn 4
William Thomson. 2

Top Breaks

Andrew Harper42 
Daniel Blunn40 
William Thomson.36 

More of Today’s High Breaks…

Andrew Harper42 
Daniel Blunn40 
William Thomson.36 

Today’s Ratings

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