Snooker Tournament


Premier Junior Tour 2018/19 Event 6 Plate

Upton Park, London 2019-05-11 to 2019-05-12

The Players

Bradley Cowdroy

Hayden Staniland

Kayden Brierley

Sean McAllister

Order of Play

Semi Final
Match 1Kayden Brierley 142780 – 215710 Hayden StanilandSF
Match 2Sean McAllister 147902 – 016591 Bradley CowdroySF
Match 3Hayden Staniland 157100 – 214790 Sean McAllister
Break: 73

The Draw

Sean McAllister
Hayden Staniland 0
Kayden Brierley 0
Hayden Staniland 2
Sean McAllister 2
Sean McAllister 2
Bradley Cowdroy 0

Top Breaks

Sean McAllister73 

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Sean McAllister73 

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Live Scores

This tournament is now complete.

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