Snooker Tournament

World Women’s Snooker

Eden Women’s Masters – 2017

South West Snooker Academy, The Capital Venue, Gloucester 2017-10-28

The Players

Aimee Benn

Chloe White

Claire Edginton

Diana Schuler

Emma Parker

Heidi De Gruchy

Jackie Ellis

Jenny Poulter

Jodie Allen

Katrina Wan

Laura Evans

Maria Catalano

Maureen Rowland

Pui Ying Mini Chu

Rebecca Kenna

Ronda Sheldreck

Shannon Metcalf

Stephanie Daughtery

Suzie Opacic

Yee Ki Ho

Yvette Greenway

Group stages

Match 1Katrina Wan 13373
Break: 47
3 – 015682 Yvette GreenwayGROUP
Match 2Yvette Greenway 156820 – 313615 Shannon MetcalfGROUP
Match 3Shannon Metcalf 136150 – 313373 Katrina WanGROUP

Group A standings

Katrina Wan22060
Shannon Metcalf21133
Yvette Greenway20206
Match 4Diana Schuler 132133 – 013371 Claire EdgintonGROUP
Match 5Claire Edginton 133712 – 113370 Maureen RowlandGROUP
Match 6Maureen Rowland 133701 – 213213 Diana SchulerGROUP

Group B standings

Diana Schuler22051
Claire Edginton21124
Maureen Rowland20224
Match 7Rebecca Kenna 141843 – 015063 Emma ParkerGROUP
Match 8Emma Parker 150632 – 113378 Stephanie DaughteryGROUP
Match 9Stephanie Daughtery 133780 – 314184 Rebecca Kenna
Break: 51

Group C standings

Rebecca Kenna22060
Emma Parker21124
Stephanie Daughtery20215
Match 10Laura Evans 137922 – 115684 Yee Ki HoGROUP
Match 11Yee Ki Ho 156843 – 015760 Jackie EllisGROUP
Match 12Jackie Ellis 157600 – 313792 Laura EvansGROUP

Group D standings

Laura Evans22051
Yee Ki Ho21142
Jackie Ellis20206
Match 13Jenny Poulter 133933 – 014680 Heidi De GruchyGROUP
Match 14Heidi De Gruchy 146800 – 313613 Aimee BennGROUP
Match 15Aimee Benn 136131 – 213393 Jenny PoulterGROUP

Group E standings

Jenny Poulter22051
Aimee Benn21142
Heidi De Gruchy20206
Match 16Suzie Opacic 133681 – 213395 Jodie AllenGROUP
Match 17Jodie Allen 133951 – 215683 Pui Ying Mini ChuGROUP
Match 18Pui Ying Mini Chu 156830 – 313368 Suzie OpacicGROUP

Group F standings

Suzie Opacic21142
Jodie Allen21133
Pui Ying Mini Chu21124
Match 19Maria Catalano 133763 – 013616 Ronda SheldreckGROUP
Match 20Ronda Sheldreck 136160 – 314677 Chloe WhiteGROUP
Match 21Chloe White 146770 – 313376 Maria Catalano
Break: 48

Group G standings

Maria Catalano22060
Chloe White21133
Ronda Sheldreck20206

Top Breaks

Rebecca Kenna51 
Maria Catalano48 
Katrina Wan47 

More of Today’s High Breaks…

Rebecca Kenna51 
Maria Catalano48 
Katrina Wan47 

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