Snooker Tournament


VIA Creative Masters Tour 2017/18 Event 5 Plate

Corner Pocket Snooker, Wath-Upon-Dearne 2018-05-12 to 2018-05-13

The Players

Andrew Turner

Chris Hart

Michael Wrigley

Tony Massey

Order of Play

Semi Final
Match 1Andrew Turner 151032 – 016248 Michael WrigleySF
Match 2Tony Massey 147932 – 115404 Chris HartSF
Match 3Andrew Turner 15103
Break: 43, 41
2 – 114793 Tony MasseyF

The Draw

Andrew Turner
Andrew Turner 2
Andrew Turner 2
Michael Wrigley 0
Tony Massey 1
Tony Massey 2
Chris Hart 1

Top Breaks

Andrew Turner43 
Andrew Turner41 

More of Today’s High Breaks…

Andrew Turner43 
Andrew Turner41 

Today’s Ratings

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Live Scores

This tournament is now complete.

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