Administrator’s Guide: Live Scoring Instructions

You must have tournament administrator privileges and be subscribed to our Silver or Gold MySnookerStats Tournaments package to carry out these steps.


  • Install the MySnookerStats Live Scoring Edition App (“Live Snooker”) on to your Android device (phone or tablet).
  • Register your Live Snooker app using your userid and passcode, found on your account page.
  • Ensure your scoring device is sufficiently charged or you have a charging cable!

On the day


  • Go to
  • Find the match you wish to live score in the list. Click “start live scoring” to reveal the live score id and the verification code.


  • Start the LiveSnooker app
  • Press “start live match”
  • Enter the Live score id into the Match ID box
  • Enter the verification code (a string of lower case letters)
  • Find out who will break and press that button.
  • If you were wrong, press “BACK” in the top right and press the correct player!
  • Score the match as you see it.
  • You must record that a free ball or miss is called when you enter the details of the foul.
  • On a free ball, press the colour of the ball taken rather than red so the app can keep accurate track of how many reds remain on the table.
  • Use the menu button to concede/end a frame early.


  • Press “end match”
  • If you see “THE FINAL FRAME IS UNFINISHED. ARE YOU SURE YOU WISH TO END?” say no, and make sure you complete the frame either by pressing “END FRAME” or concede/end frame, so that the frame score is definitely correct and then press “end match” again.
  • When it says “Upload match details now?” say “Upload”.
  • You have now finished on your phone/tablet.


  • Go to tournamentadmin and press F5 (refresh).
  • There will now be a match in yellow which you can “Choose”. Choose it!
  • FINALLY, after you have chosen the match, press “End Live Scoring”.
  • It says “Are you sure you want to stop live scoring this match?”. Do not say OK unless you have finished scoring the match in the app and uploaded it, otherwise the live scoring will stop working!!! :-)


Just a last couple of points on using the app:

  • If you accidentally start assigning a break to the wrong player, make a mental note of the colours they’ve taken and then use the UNDO button as many times as you need to rewind it and then make sure you have the correct player at the table before re-entering the break so far…
  • Use your judgement to decide whether you think a shot is a missed long pot or a safety shot / shot-to-nothing, and in fact when you’re deciding if it’s a long pot or not. As a rule of thumb, if the cue ball and object ball are separated by six feet or more then you can class it as a long pot, but if you feel differently that’s fine – just be as consistent as you can – it will only make a very minor difference to the stats.
  • Most of all, relax and enjoy the app and the match! :-)