Standard or Professional?

This is still the question which splits our membership down the middle. On the one hand, our most committed players love the way MySnookerStats tracks every detail of their game – including advanced stats like potting success, safety success and shot time. On the other hand, some members find it too time-consuming to record every shot, especially during periods of play when there’s no score.

Of course, we want to keep all our members happy… which is why MySnookerStats can run in either Standard or Professional modes.

In Professional Mode, by pressing the “missed pot” button (or 0 on a keypad phone) or the “play safe” button (or 9 on a keypad phone), you can collect the detailed stats you need to really dig into the strengths and weaknesses of your game. But if you’re more interested just in tracking your breaks and positional percentage (which is, in our opinion, the single most important indicator of your ability), then Standard Mode’s the right choice for you.

In Standard Mode, you don’t need to track every missed pot or safety shot – you just need to press a button when there’s a pot or a foul. This is less intrusive and is the mode we suggest players use when they take part in MySnookerStats Tournaments so that they can score matches for themselves without it feeling like the app is affecting their concentration.

MySnookerStats starts out in Standard Mode, but you can switch to Professional Mode (or back again) whenever you like – just not half way through recording a match! Just use the Settings option on the Main Menu and make your choice.