Frequently Asked Questions

Do both players in a match need to be members of MySnookerStats?

No, you can record a match even if the person you’re playing against isn’t a member. And because MySnookerStats is so easy to use, it will only take you a moment to show each new opponent how to keep score while you’re at the table.

We recommend you supply a UserID of 0 for players who don’t yet have an account. If they sign up later, you can go to your My Matches page and change the UserID in previous games you have uploaded so they have access to their stats too.

N.B. In the app, choose “review players” and update the UserID for that player so that you don’t have to repeat this process for any future matches!

How long does it take to record my statistics?

No time at all, because MySnookerStats does what you have to do anyway – keep score. Simply by pressing the buttons on your phone, you can use MySnookerStats to keep track of your match. And while it’s doing the sums, it’s also collecting your stats, ready to show you right here on the website.

Why do I have to press different buttons for a missed pot and a safety?

This is relevant only when running MySnookerStats in Professional Mode. Telling MySnookerStats what you were trying to do helps build up a full picture of your game’s strengths and weaknesses. It provides an accurate record of your potting and safety success percentages.

If you and your opponent find it intrusive to record something after each shot, try the Standard Mode where you only need to record events which change the score.

What button should I press if I miss a shot-to-nothing?

A shot-to-nothing is a special case, because it’s an attempted pot but with safety very much in mind.

To get the very best out of MySnookerStats, always be honest about what you intended. If the main idea was to pot and you just took sensible precautions in case you didn’t, press “missed pot” (or 0 on a keypad). If the pot would have been a bonus but your primary focus was on leaving the ball safe, then mark it as “play safe” (or 9 on a keypad).

If your opponent is scoring for you and misreads your intent, you can press UNDO (or # on a keypad) to take back the last entry, and then press the button which matches what you attempted.

What if we need to take a comfort break in the middle of a match?

At any time, you can “end” the match you’re currently playing, then “continue” it once you’re both ready to resume. Of course, it’s only polite to complete the current frame before taking a break!

What happens if I need to make or take a call or text in the middle of a match?

Depending on your phone, you should be able to take a call or read a text without interrupting MySnookerStats – certainly this is true on the iPhone and on Android phones. However, you may need to “end match” and exit MySnookerStats in order to make a call or write a text on most other phones. After you’re finished, just restart MySnookerStats, and choose the option to continue your last match, which will have automatically been saved to your phone’s memory.

What if my snooker club has a “no mobile phones” rule?

MySnookerStats is a completely silent app, so using your phone to record the match won’t distract other players.

In our experience, the few clubs which have rules about phones simply don’t want them to ring during a match. Remember to set your handset to silent mode before you begin, and you’ll be fine.

Can I use MySnookerStats if we’re using a scorer?

Certainly. MySnookerStats is very easy to use, so you can simply hand your phone over to whoever’s keeping score.

Can I make up my own UserIDs to distinguish my opponents (e.g. 1 through 50)?

No, this is not allowed. You should use an officially supplied user id or else use 0 (zero) to indicate that the opponent is not registered with MySnookerStats. If your opponent later joins up to the site, you should do the following:

  • edit the player record in your app (“review players” option) to remember their UserID for later matches you play
  • edit the existing uploaded match details on the website by going to your My Matches page and changing the opponent’s id for that match.
This will make the match information available on both your account and theirs. Then you will have the added advantage of being able to build up a full head-to-head record between the two of you.

What does my “Current Rating” indicate?

It is an indicative measure of how well you are playing right now. Find out more about what your positional success says about you.

Why don’t my current form graphs display on my Android phone?

If you are seeing the error “Cannot set property ‘overflow’ of null” in your Android phone browser instead of our progress charts, you need to change your browser settings to display the mobile version of our site rather than the full version.

Unfortunately, older Android phones (2.x) do not support the Google Visualization API, which we use to deliver these two charts. If you switch to allowing mobile versions, we can detect this case and automatically provide you with a (slightly-less) pretty chart that will work on your phone.

Why does this site sometimes look a bit weird on Internet Explorer?

Great question! We optimize our site on Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari, which are far superior to older versions of Internet Explorer. We recommend you download and try out any of these fine modern browsers instead (free).

We do our best to make sure our website features work on the sometimes quirky IE 8 and above, but no longer support IE6 and IE7.